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Shake Well

This is what happens when a person takes the directions too seriously.

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I am waiting for the day that this thing has its own event in the X Games. A kid from the safehouse brough one of these and it’s like a death stick, death on wheels, a ticket to the hosital … Continue reading

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Seriously. I know duct tape has a reputation for being used for everything. It’s a maintenance man’s best friend. You can use it to hold plastic on your broken out car windows, you can use it for holding pretty much … Continue reading

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This is not going to come as a shock to anyone who reads this, but: I am not perfect. I screw up alot. To use the proper word, I sin. There are things I know I should do that I … Continue reading

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I heard a great statement from John Maxwell at the Catalyst conference a couple of years back. I don’t know if this is his statement of if he was quoting somebody else. “Don’t get so caught up in doing a … Continue reading

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Things I Noticed…

Some things from the beach today… 1. Those birds that nose dive into the ocean for fish. Those guys are cool. 2. Some people get really mad when your beach umbrella accidentally gets blown away and almost hits them. 3. Walk half-naked … Continue reading

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I think this commercial is pretty funny. This looks like something I’d do if I won at this game. By the way, what is it with these cup games, McDonalds has monopoly and now Scrabble at Subway. Nice. I think I … Continue reading

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