Things I Noticed…

Some things from the beach today…

1. Those birds that nose dive into the ocean for fish. Those guys are cool.

2. Some people get really mad when your beach umbrella accidentally gets blown away and almost hits them.

3. Walk half-naked into a mall and you get arrested…walk half-naked around a beach, you fit righ in. That’s just interesting.

4. Miss one small spot on your body with the sun-tan lotion…it hurts…badly.

5. Dried sand on your hands = dried sand on the food you snack on at the beach = gross crunchy string cheese

6. The ocean seems to get more beautiful every time I see it.

7. God is amazing to create something so breathtaking.

8. One day I want to walk the beach hand in hand with the special lady I’ve grown old with.

9. I’m really really small.

10. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

More to come from Pawley’s Island, SC.

About andy

I like to talk, I like to write. I like to share. This blog lets me do those things. It's just my thoughts, things that happen to me. I'm a pastor and the director of a non-profit organization called Refuge Ministries. (By the way, the thoughts shared on this blog are in no way associated with Refuge, they are just, don't get upset).
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