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My Personality Type

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Spring is Here!

It’s a little chilly outside. (For whatever reason, I got hungry for chili when I wrote that…weird). But the sun is shining and it’s staying lighter longer and it’s simply a beautiful thing! Today, we closed the safehouse for some … Continue reading

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Little Leadership is Huge

I’m sitting, looking at a blank page waiting for me to write something down. I’ve just written something down, it’s not blank anymore, it now has the words I continue to type and I just keep typing hoping to find … Continue reading

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Guitar Strings, Late Nights & Funny Voices

There are always moments in my life where I am given a glimpse of what God might see when He looks down at me. Here on this little ball of dirt we humans call Earth, in the midst of a … Continue reading

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The Chronicles of…Youngstown??

We have a lamppost on our street that looks kinda like the lamppost featured at the entrance to the magical land of Narnia and with how much it was snowing today, I seriously wonder if we entered into that land. … Continue reading

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A New ‘Do

I got a haircut today. I know you’re excited…calm down. It’s late. I’m bored. I don’t have the brain power to attempt to write anything profound right now. But I wanted to post something. So, I posted a picture of … Continue reading

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Another Great Day

Today is one of those days when I woke up, I rolled over, and was so happy to be alive. I know that’s a little cheesy sounding. But it’s true nonetheless. I have a stack of books in my room … Continue reading

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