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I Believe…

I believe that… -God is bigger than my sin. -I’m covered by the blood. -Nothing I can do can separate me from God’s love. -I have only a sliver of an idea of how big that love truly is. -It … Continue reading

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Good Question

My friend Neil wrote a great post and asked some pointed, bold questions. It’s interesting because just a few days ago, I asked myself a question similar to these questions. I have a Bible in The Message translation and it’s … Continue reading

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New Layout Please!

I am disappointed with my current blog layout. I am looking to change it up. Some of your more experienced bloggers out there who might have some great ideas, please feel free to pass them along because I need some … Continue reading

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Camp Picture #6

This is another picture of one of our worship sets during teen camp. Take a good look at the picture. There is some serious worship going on. These people are pressing into God’s presence and I love how it was … Continue reading

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Disconnected Connectedness

If you follow me on twitter, last night I posted something about how I’d get more work done if I didn’t spend so much time on the computer/internet being “connected.” (If you don’t follow me on twitter, I’d love to … Continue reading

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Camp Picture #5

This game is called: Waterball. My friend and co-worker TJ came up with this game for camp this year. I don’t know if he thought it up himself or heard about it somewhere, but either way, it was a blast! … Continue reading

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Camp Picture #4

Each year, weather permitting, we take one night and instead of doing a normal service, we do a praise and worship set, and then enter into complete silence. We utilize Rob Bell and NOOMA’s Noise short film. We want to … Continue reading

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