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Safehouse Merch!!!

I’m excited and happy to announce new Safehouse Merchandise. We are going to offer T-Shirts and Hoodies as well as buttons! Designs are in the works as well as pricing. We are taking PRE-ORDERS now. If you are interested, please … Continue reading

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A Quiet Night

It’s currently a very quiet night at the Safehouse. We only have about 12 students here tonight, hanging out, playing video games. Everything is going pretty smoothly. It’s been a long day before we opened and we still have a … Continue reading

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Yes. I made that word up. I found a couple of blog layouts that I kind of like, but I don’t have to “wordpress knowhow” necessary to install and use them. Can somebody help me? I haven’t blogged in a … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned From An Umbrella

Today I learned and important lesson. I guess you could say I re-learned it actually. It rained pretty much all day today here in South Carolina. At one point I decided it was a good idea to take a walk … Continue reading

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We’re Here!

Finally arrived at the vacation house! Beach fun! Fishing from a dock…love it. Pictures to come soon.

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Faith vs. Doubt

I have been praying a lot lately. But I haven’t been praying a lot of stuff. I’ve been praying the same stuff over and over again. And it’s not because I want to repeat myself. It’s because I feel like … Continue reading

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The Extra Mile

We are currently on day 2 of our vacation. We can’t get into our vacation house until Saturday so we stopped at a hotel in West Virginia last night and are staying at a hotel just a few miles from … Continue reading

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