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Safehouse Myspace

My friend Justin from the band Willet and design company Stargazing Designs designed this killer myspace layout for the Safehouse. Here are some shots from the site: If you haven’t added Safehouse to your friends on myspace, go on ahead … Continue reading

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To Do List : update :

It’s now almost 5:30…Here is what I’ve completed from my list. I’m not usually a list guy, but over the past week or so I’ve been made aware of their benefit. Especially when there are several very different things that … Continue reading

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: Hope : (Part 2)

We pick up our story in a hole, neck deep in mud with the ground staring back at you from eye level. The question is: If you feel like you’re all alone, how long before you cry out for help? … Continue reading

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Truth : : (part 1)

Say you are walking in the woods, there seems to be no one around, you are admiring the beautiful trees, the vast canopy above you. The light pierces the ground like glowing daggers through the blanket of leaves covering high … Continue reading

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Vision ::

Last night, some friends and I watched “A Bug’s Life” at the Safehouse as part of our Journey Through Pixar, where we watch each Pixar movie in order. It’s a lot of fun. Pixar movies are clever, state-of-the-art and tell … Continue reading

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Breaking Out The Oldskool…

I was reading through an old “note” I posted on facebook in January of this year. I was reminded of why I wrote it as I was reading it. So I thought I’d post it on here. It’s a little … Continue reading

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A Minor Problem

I, like a lot of people I’d imagine, love to know that pages that I have are being looked at. This blog, myspace, facebook..something happens when you get an email and you know that somebody “poked” you or left you … Continue reading

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