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Last night, some friends and I watched “A Bug’s Life” at the Safehouse as part of our Journey Through Pixar, where we watch each Pixar movie in order. It’s a lot of fun. Pixar movies are clever, state-of-the-art and tell amazing stories.

During a scene in “A Bug’s Life” there is a point where, Flik, the main character ant has an idea for a way to fight the grasshoppers that are always using the ants to gather food for the grasshopper clan. However, Flik has had a run of failures in his attempts to help make things easier for the colony, usually making things much worse.

So, instead of going to the colony with this grand scheme and trying to convince them yet again that it could work, he took a different approach.

He went to a group of bugs that had influence with the princess of the colony, cast the vision of his idea to them. They bought into it and cast the vision to princess, who bought into it.

And the princess, having influence with the colony, cast the vision to the group as a whole.

The idea brought the colony together and ultimately, played a major role in the story. The interesting lesson here is that Flik’s idea probably would not have worked had he gone to the colony himself.

They wouldn’t want to listen, they would’ve written him off. “It’s another one of Flik’s ideas.” They would’ve said. But, he worked through a level of influence and was able to see his vision realized.

Where do we need to see something, but have the courage to step back, cast the vision to the people who have the influence and be ready to jump on board when the team is ready?

What a great lesson…good job Pixar. I wonder if they even knew they were teaching such a valuable leadership lesson.

Yet another reason why I love watching Pixar movies.

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I like to talk, I like to write. I like to share. This blog lets me do those things. It's just my thoughts, things that happen to me. I'm a pastor and the director of a non-profit organization called Refuge Ministries. (By the way, the thoughts shared on this blog are in no way associated with Refuge, they are just, don't get upset).
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  1. Courtney says:

    What a great insight from that movie. Gotta love Pixar. It’s so true, too – especially when you’re working with a large group of people like a congregation or even on a smaller scale with a family or youth group. When you get the right group of people excited about the same idea, it can spread like wildfire and have a huge impact.

    Thanks for sharing thoughts like this on the blog!

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