To Do List : update :

It’s now almost 5:30…Here is what I’ve completed from my list.

I’m not usually a list guy, but over the past week or so I’ve been made aware of their benefit. Especially when there are several very different things that need done.

So…here is what I need to do today:

-Clean house. Laundry, dishes, general tidiness. I’m not home often and I need to do my part! It’s time!

School work. I started my master’s degree one week ago – technically – and I’ve only read the introduction and preface of one book. So needless to say, I have some catching up to do.

-Create Video Content. We’re starting a new series at Next Valley Youth Movement called “Myspace & Jesus” and I’m preparing the intro videos that lead into the sermon.

-Clean office. I’m just in that kind of mood I guess. Plus, my office is a wreck! (Think the movie “Twister” but with books.)  😉

SAFEHOUSE. Love on some kids, build relationships, influence some teenagers. You know, change the world.

My sister just asked me if I wanted to go to Chipotle for lunch, so we’ll just put that on the list! Um..yeah.

-I also have loads of paper work to go through, so we’ll see if I can get that done today.

I’m starting to see why I never wanted to make a list before. Just looking at it makes me want to sit in this chair and watch shows I have recorded on DVR all day!

Ready? Let’s see how I do.


-I also wanted to get a podcast recorded for the Safehouse myspace today.


Here we go!

About andy

I like to talk, I like to write. I like to share. This blog lets me do those things. It's just my thoughts, things that happen to me. I'm a pastor and the director of a non-profit organization called Refuge Ministries. (By the way, the thoughts shared on this blog are in no way associated with Refuge, they are just, don't get upset).
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2 Responses to To Do List : update :

  1. Tiffany says:

    Write down even little stuff, like take a shower, that way you can cross of more things, and feel good about yourself, lol 🙂

  2. seven says:

    Oh, I love lists. But I totally relate to that feeling you get when you look at your list and think, “What have I done? How am I ever going to get all this done?” (Check this out for a new take on a to-do list.)

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