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If You Ever Wondered…

What’s it like to be a new seminary student…(i know, i know…you’re already very excited, right?) you can follow me here…on twitter. I’ve survived so far…i’m 6 minutes into my FIRST class. Good to go…

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Missed Opportunity?

Each and every student that walks into the safehouse everyday is supposed to sign in at the main desk. We have a computer with a database of the students’ names and we do that in order to gauge how many … Continue reading

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Two Weeks

Tomorrow around 6AM I am hopping in a car and driving 13 1/2 hours up to Minnesota for a two week period at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul. I was thinking today about how much stuff there is left to … Continue reading

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What Do You Do?

After Safehouse Summer Camp ended this year, the guy in charge of praise and worship, Dave, gave me some pretty great insight. We used a book by Louie Giglio, who runs the Passion Conferences, called WIRED: For A Life of … Continue reading

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Hitting the Books…

So, it’s hard for me to believe but this Friday I am leaving and driving 13 hours to Minnesota to attend Bethel Seminary’s Intensives week. I am told that one day of classes is equivalent to 2 weeks worth of … Continue reading

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One Month Ago…

I posted about Safehouse Merchandise going on sale…I am happy to announce:: The merchandise has been ordered!! This is a very exciting step in the process of the first ever Safehouse Merchandise sale and I’m stoked. There is still more … Continue reading

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: : Life (Part 3 of 3)

*Wow, this post is coming a few days after I said it would….Sorry about that.* If you read here and here you can see the first and second parts of this little trilogy of mine. We find ourselves in a … Continue reading

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