The World’s Most Powerful Tool…

…is really small.

…is extremely effective.

…is something everybody can use.

…doesn’t require a permit.

…can destroy others in a matter of seconds.

…can build others up just as quickly.

…can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

…is nearly impossible to “undo.”

…is sharp like a sword.

…and blunt like a hammer.

What is it?

The world’s most powerful tool…

…is your tongue.

Your words can destroy or build up.

They can hurt or they can heal.

You can train your tongue to say good things or you can let your tongue loose to tear others down.

How do you use this powerful tool?

What can you do to use it better?

andy ::

About andy

I like to talk, I like to write. I like to share. This blog lets me do those things. It's just my thoughts, things that happen to me. I'm a pastor and the director of a non-profit organization called Refuge Ministries. (By the way, the thoughts shared on this blog are in no way associated with Refuge, they are just, don't get upset).
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