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“Failure Is Not An Option”

We’ve all heard that phrase before. “Failure is not an option.” It’s usually stated when victory is simply the only solution to solve a problem. I heard it at basketball practices at hight school – as if the game about … Continue reading

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Refuge Stickers!

Hey all, I just posted some stuff over at the Refuge Blog. You need to check that stuff out! We’ve got Refuge Stickers! Here they are Email me at if you’d like one! Stick ’em. Take a picture. Email … Continue reading

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Hype Hype Hype!

Every year, I get to work with teenagers at a summer camp. When I was a teenager myself, I was a volunteer team member that helped plan and execute the services each night. We stole this idea from a youth … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Powerful Tool…

…is really small. …is extremely effective. …is something everybody can use. …doesn’t require a permit. …can destroy others in a matter of seconds. …can build others up just as quickly. …can be your best friend or your worst enemy. …is … Continue reading

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As a leader, delegation is really important. You have to be able to pass off tasks that other people can do if you want to accomplish a big vision. Delegation does several things: 1. It gets other people involved and … Continue reading

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Take Some Time

Starting out with a new idea can be overwhelming. It takes time for it develop and grow. Like a child learning to walk or speak, it’ll take times of falling on their butts and slurring or mispronouncing words. We have … Continue reading

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Summing It Up

I posted a blog on May 27th of last year. I copied and pasted it into wordle and this is the bubble cloud of words. I think this pretty much sums it up.

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