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Love Is Red // Winter Conference

I had the opportunity to go for a day to a great conference in Canton, OH called Love Is Red. Check out their website at here. This morning, youth pastor Mike Roberts Jr. spoke on the subject of the cross … Continue reading

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A Thought to Chew On

Doing some thinking the other day, I thought something that I want to hear your feedback on. “God’s ability to overcome our sin is greater than our ability to sin.” Your thoughts?

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You Can Learn A Lot…

You can learn a lot from watching people. On Sunday I went to breakfast with my mom, dad, and sister after church. We went to Perkins and I had pancakes, eggs, and Canadian bacon (apparently it’s better for you). As … Continue reading

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What’s the different between serving people? And letting people abuse your services? I spend most of my day working to serve people and this is not a post to complain about that, not at all – I love serving people. … Continue reading

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Helpful vs. HelpLESS

I was at work the other day doing some stuff before we opened, when a young man walks up to the door and peeks in. He doesn’t know that I see him. I start walking to the door as he … Continue reading

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Blue Pain, Blank Walls, New Perspective

I’m not a big fan of painting. I don’t mind it, but it’s not my favorite. The taping, the drop cloth, the trimming… all the prep work is tedious. Once the roller is out though, it’s a breeze. I was … Continue reading

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When Opportunity Knocks

My ¬†basketball coach from high school had a poster hanging in his room. It was a picture of an empty basketball court with a lone basketball sitting at the foul line and the caption read, “You miss 100% of the … Continue reading

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“Failure Is Not An Option”

We’ve all heard that phrase before. “Failure is not an option.” It’s usually stated when victory is simply the only solution to solve a problem. I heard it at basketball practices at hight school – as if the game about … Continue reading

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Crazy Morning

Here’s what happened to me this morning. I pull out of my driveway, start driving down my street to make my first and only right turn of the trip, I’m about 1.5 miles away from work. I see a woman, … Continue reading

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What I Love…

These are things I’m currently loving right now… 1. Having the Opportunity to get up and do what I do for a living every single day. 2. Lady Gaga. (Fascinating individual… and possibly a little crazy. Very cool.) 3. The … Continue reading

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