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As a leader, delegation is really important. You have to be able to pass off tasks that other people can do if you want to accomplish a big vision. Delegation does several things: 1. It gets other people involved and … Continue reading

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Summing It Up

I posted a blog on May 27th of last year. I copied and pasted it into wordle and this is the bubble cloud of words. I think this pretty much sums it up.

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Something to Check Out…

If you’re a leader, or a human, you may have a tendency (like I do at times) to make decision that include other people with the motive of how it will effect us. I want to be loved, validated, accepted and … Continue reading

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Day 3

It’s a little after 5 here in St. Paul, right now. One hour behind what I am normally used to in Ohio. So the stomach is starting to growl and the eyes get heavier a little earlier than usual while … Continue reading

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Practical vs. ?

Over the first day and almost a half of school, I’ve found that there is a LOT of conversation and discussion on some very deep theological issues. They seem to take a huge chunk of time that we could be … Continue reading

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Day 1

So, the first official day of my graduate school career has come and gone and I survived. The way the school works for me is that I have 4 quarters a years. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. During the Fall and … Continue reading

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If You Ever Wondered…

What’s it like to be a new seminary student…(i know, i know…you’re already very excited, right?) you can follow me here…on twitter. I’ve survived so far…i’m 6 minutes into my FIRST class. Good to go…

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