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Tutoring, Fruit Snacks, and Flash Cards

I was reminded tonight of why I love my job so much. If you just follow this blog and you don’t know a lot about me, I am the director of a non-profit ministry called Refuge Ministries that focuses on … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunity?

Each and every student that walks into the safehouse everyday is supposed to sign in at the main desk. We have a computer with a database of the students’ names and we do that in order to gauge how many … Continue reading

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One Month Ago…

I posted about Safehouse Merchandise going on sale…I am happy to announce:: The merchandise has been ordered!! This is a very exciting step in the process of the first ever Safehouse Merchandise sale and I’m stoked. There is still more … Continue reading

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Safehouse Myspace

My friend Justin from the band Willet and design company Stargazing Designs designed this killer myspace layout for the Safehouse. Here are some shots from the site: If you haven’t added Safehouse to your friends on myspace, go on ahead … Continue reading

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To Do List : update :

It’s now almost 5:30…Here is what I’ve completed from my list. I’m not usually a list guy, but over the past week or so I’ve been made aware of their benefit. Especially when there are several very different things that … Continue reading

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A Minor Problem

I, like a lot of people I’d imagine, love to know that pages that I have are being looked at. This blog, myspace, facebook..something happens when you get an email and you know that somebody “poked” you or left you … Continue reading

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Can’t Beat It

When people work together, under a common vision, for the same goal it’s hard to stop them. Yesterday we had a car wash to raise some funds for the safehouse and it was a great success. Not only did we … Continue reading

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