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The Catch II

Sports fan or not…this one play in the Super Bowl has to be appreciated. Period. It was really a thing of beauty… Unless you are a Patriots fan. Amazing. Photos from the Associated Press.

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I am waiting for the day that this thing has its own event in the X Games. A kid from the safehouse brough one of these and it’s like a death stick, death on wheels, a ticket to the hosital … Continue reading

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Number 7 5 6

Barry Bonds stands alone. Congratulations

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love ’em or hate ’em

These days, the name Barry Bonds brings up only a few reactions. 1) A roll of the eyes and a “I can’t stand that guy, he’s such a cheater!” 2) A nod of the head with a “He is the … Continue reading

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$20.2 Million over 5 years with $7 Million guaranteed. Psh…chump change. The Indians are in first place, the Cavs are the second best team in the NBA… is there still hope for the Browns? Man, I hope so.

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