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You Should Read This Book

Even though I haven’t been super consistent on my posting to this blog, my passion for reading and writing hasn’t really changed. I had the opportunity to get an early read on Mike Foster’s new book Gracenomics and I love … Continue reading

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“But what about..?.?”

When I was a kid I used to justify everything I did by what others did and said. If I wasn’t allowed to do something, my most used argument to my parents was “…but Adam is allowed to do it, … Continue reading

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It’s Risky

I never like talking about things that EVERYBODY is talking about because I feel so cliché, but I can’t not talk about this. It’s risky, because there are literally millions of people that are digesting what this post covers. I’m … Continue reading

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A Thought to Chew On

Doing some thinking the other day, I thought something that I want to hear your feedback on. “God’s ability to overcome our sin is greater than our ability to sin.” Your thoughts?

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Helpful vs. HelpLESS

I was at work the other day doing some stuff before we opened, when a young man walks up to the door and peeks in. He doesn’t know that I see him. I start walking to the door as he … Continue reading

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Blue Pain, Blank Walls, New Perspective

I’m not a big fan of painting. I don’t mind it, but it’s not my favorite. The taping, the drop cloth, the trimming… all the prep work is tedious. Once the roller is out though, it’s a breeze. I was … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Powerful Tool…

…is really small. …is extremely effective. …is something everybody can use. …doesn’t require a permit. …can destroy others in a matter of seconds. …can build others up just as quickly. …can be your best friend or your worst enemy. …is … Continue reading

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I’ve always wanted to be a very creative person. I get very excited when I come up with a new idea or think of something in a way that I’ve never heard it presented before. Then, there are people I … Continue reading

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How Bad Is It?

Life is good. That’s a statement I work to remind myself of. I know that things don’t always work out the way I want them to and I’m sure if that’s true for me, it’s true for everybody else too. … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunity?

Each and every student that walks into the safehouse everyday is supposed to sign in at the main desk. We have a computer with a database of the students’ names and we do that in order to gauge how many … Continue reading

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