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Architecture and Memories

Every now and then, I’ll walk downstairs and my dad will be watching one of those shows on the Discovery or Learning Channel about how those crazy tall skyscrapers are built. The process, the technology, the equipment…it’s all very fascinating. … Continue reading

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As I start typing on my lovely Apple keyboard it is 12:18 AM on Sunday. In about 7 hours and 30 mins, my alarm will ring and alert me that it’s just about time to get up. I will then … Continue reading

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Lots of Wonderful Things

What can you do with this delicious burrito? …other than eat it of course.

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A Wonderful Evening

This little girl sang for the first time in front of people with her dad in front a small coffehouse full of people. It was a wonderful time. A nice reflection of a daughter and father sharing a gift. Sometimes … Continue reading

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The Perfect Start::

Items Present: -Bible (New Living Translation) -Notebook -Devotional Book -Apple MacBook Pro -French Vanilla Caramel Coffee -Pen What a wonderful way to start my day. I would seriously do this everyday, but I would get food every time I went, … Continue reading

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The Catch II

Sports fan or not…this one play in the Super Bowl has to be appreciated. Period. It was really a thing of beauty… Unless you are a Patriots fan. Amazing. Photos from the Associated Press.

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